If people aren’t involved in determining the direction of their economic growth, it won’t last. At UNDP, those are words to live by. That’s why we partner with countries, communities, and people to make their own decisions on how to achieve their aspirations.

In 2015 we registered close to 70 million new voters across 37 countries. We strive to give excluded groups — whether women, youth, indigenous peoples, or the disabled — a voice in the pursuit of equitable social and economic opportunities.

In addition to saving lives, $1 spent on disaster planning and preparedness can save $7 in recovery costs after a disaster strikes. That’s why we work with countries to prepare for disasters, adapt to climate change, and use energy efficiently.


Sustainable growth and climate change are two sides of the same coin. Climate change threatens to undermine decades of economic and social gains, and puts people at risk.  That’s why we’re dedicated to thwarting the destructive pace of climate change, building climate-resilient communities, and promoting development projects that avoid irreversible environmental damage. 


We work to achieve real improvements in people’s lives and in the choices and opportunities open to them. We do it by supporting national processes to accelerate the progress of sustainable human development.

What does that mean? It means real impact and far-reaching results.

In 2015, we created 1.35 million jobs in low-income countries — 42% for women — and helped to boost earnings and strengthen livelihoods for millions of others. We registered 68 million new voters across 37 countries and helped 2 million people access legal aid services. And we helped put in place more than a thousand new disaster reduction and adaption plans in 51 countries.

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